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Crime drama in Flanders: programming trends
Filip Peeters as police inspector Paul Gerardi in Salamander. Are European TV schedules dominated by US shows? Elise Favere examines the situation in Flanders, focusing on the example of crime series. The US dominance of the global trade in television programmes has long raised concerns in Europe about the ‘Americanisation’ of TV schedules. At the same time, drawing on theories of ‘cultural proximity’, many academics note that European audiences still tend to prefer local and national television programmes to American ...
Is there a real flowering of Basque-language cinema?
Flowers In the run up to the European Screens conference, MeCETES has invited speakers to write a blog on their conference paper. Here, Miren Manias examines the role of film policy in the revival of Basque-language cinema. It was in 1989 when the last film fully shot in the Basque-language was screened at commercial cinemas. Ke arteko egunak (1989) attracted an audience of 51,600 people.
Die Stadt und die Macht: A Production Study of a German mini-series
Politician Susanne Kröhmer (played by Anna Loos) in Die Stadt und die Macht In the run up to the European Screens conference, MeCETES has invited speakers to write a blog on their conference paper. First up is Florian Krauß (University Siegen) on the complex production history of German miniseries Die Stadt und die Macht. Susanne Krömer fights her way through Berlin policy. Surprisingly, the idealistic lawyer becomes the city’s mayoral candidate.
BFI launches consultation amid concerns over Brexit vote
BFI This week the BFI launched a public consultation on its next five-year strategy. Huw D Jones reports from the Leeds roadshow event. Following in the wake of last week’s dramatic Brexit vote, BFI chief Amanda Neville sought to reassure workers in Yorkshire’s creative sector that she remained ‘confident about the future’ of the UK film and television industries.
Conference report: UK Film Distribution: What’s Changing?
IMG_2083 Nathan Townsend reports from the UK Film Distribution: What’s Changing? event, organised by MeCETES and Creative Europe Desk UK at the Regent Street Cinema, London, 13 June 2016. Few conferences have such an unambiguous title, and the programme succeeded in exploring what it says on the tin, albeit with a more diverse range of European input than the headline suggested.
The Future of Film Funding in Europe
film fund picture Petar Mitric reports on the MEDICI programme, a series of workshops on the future of public film funding in Europe. What is the future of the public film funds in Europe? Are they “a player” or “a piece” within the European film industry? What are they going to look like in ten years? What disrupts their objectives and mission? These are some of the questions the MEDICI programme tackled in a ...
Comparing British and German attitudes to European film
British and German kids Over the last six months, Jessica van Roye has been an Intern with the MeCETES team at the University of York. In her second blog post, she compares British and German attitudes towards European film based on the focus groups she helped conduct. Over the last few months I’ve been helping Dr Huw Jones conduct focus groups in the UK and Germany about people’s attitudes to European film.
What makes European films travel?
European box office by market share The question of what makes European film travel is currently high of the agenda for industry professionals and policymakers. Huw D Jones argues the most successful European film exports tend to have elements audiences are already culturally familiar with. At the Cannes Film Festival next month, industry figures are meeting to discuss what makes European films travel.
The challenges of doing audience focus groups
Picture1 Over the last six months, Jessica van Roye has been an intern with the MeCETES team at the University of York. Here, she reflects on the challenges of organising audience focus groups in the UK and Germany. For the MeCETES project we wanted to speak to people in Britain and Germany about their views on European film.
Beyond the Box Office: What European films are most popular on TV, DVD and VOD?
film-on-ipad-and-Iphone While cinema admissions data is publicly available, viewing figures for European films on TV, DVD and VOD is harder to come by. Huw D Jones examines how to overcome this problem. One of the main challenges researching the market for European film is determining what Europeans actually watch. While the European Audiovisual Observatory’s LUMIERE database provides pretty accurate data on cinema admissions across Europe, viewing figures for TV, DVD ...
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