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Copenhagen Team Debate European Cinema at Göteborg

The MeCETES Copenhagen team staged a discussion panel on European cinema as part of the Göteborg Film Festival on January 27, 2015.


Participants included Marit Kapla, Head of Programming at Draken Film; directors Marta Dauliūtė and Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall (Crises Document: A Survival Guide) and Teodora Ana Mihai(Waiting for August). The panelists were joined by Copenhagen team leader Ib Bondebjerg, while Eva Novrup Redvall acted as panel moderator.

Drawing on the findings of the MeCETES project, the panel discussed the types of stories and cultural encounters European audiences are offered through European cinema. The panelists also considered why, at a time of economic crisis and rising nationalism, audiences should be interested in Europe, and why films from neighbouring European countries can’t compete with the popularity of national or American productions.

The event, held at the Pustervik, formed part of the film festival’s “Europe, Europe” section.

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