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Debate on the implications of Brexit for UK film and TV – European Screens conference (Uni of York, 5-7 Sept 2016)

Debate on the implications of Brexit for UK film and TV – European Screens conference (University of York, 5-7 Sept)

University of York, 5-7 September, 2016

MeCETES_ConferenceLogo_Portrait_Sponsors_ColourThe British voters’ decision to leave the European Union is likely to have multiple consequences for the film and television industries in the UK and beyond.

MEDIA/Creative Europe funding, UK/European co-productions, the availability of British content on EU screens and EU content on British screens, the free movement of creative labour, the Europa cinema network, the Digital Single Market, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, and UK tax rules are just some of the areas likely to be affected by the referendum result.

As part of the European Screens conference at the University of York (5-7 September), the MeCETES project will be hosting a special debate involving industry professionals and academic experts on the implications of Brexit for the UK film and television industries. Speakers include:

The three-day conference will provide further opportunity to discuss the implications of Brexit and many of the other challenges and opportunities facing film, TV drama and the audiovisual industries in Europe at this uncertain time, with debates on The future of public service broadcasting (Cassian Harrison, BBC Four; Katherine Sarikakis, University of Vienna; Ed Braman, University of York), Transnational adventures: European screens, European identity (Daniela Berghan, Royal Holloway; Laura Rascaroli, University College Cork; Tim Bergfelder, University of Southampton), Well-travelled European drama (Lucy Mazdon, University of Southampton; Paul Cooke, University of Leeds; Eva Novrup Redvall, University of Copenhagen), The state of European cinema (Will Higbee, University of Exeter; Angus Finney, London Film School; Michael Franklin, Goldsmiths University of London) and Enabling the circulation of European film (Martin Kanzler, European Audiovisual Observatory, Agnieszka Moody, Creative Europe – tbc).

There has never been a more important time for European film and media scholars to come together in the spirit of European collaboration, co-operation and cultural exchange, and in particular for UK-based academics to maintain and strengthen links with friends and colleagues in the rest of Europe. We are therefore delighted to offer a platform for over 40 research papers by academics from across Europe and beyond, covering the latest work on cultural diversity, transnational audiences, co-productions, historical drama, national representation, small national cinemas, and trends in European production, distribution, exhibition and consumption. The MeCETES team will also be presenting the findings of their three-year collaborative project on mediated cultural encounters through European screens.

Do join us for what will surely be a lively, timely and important event.

Visit our conference webpage for tickets and more information:

Tickets: £100 (academic staff) / £50 (students/unwaged)

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