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The end of the MeCETES project

October 1st, 2017

The MeCETES project has now officially concluded. Since October 2013, we have conducted extensive research into the transnational production, circulation and reception of European films and televisions dramas and the cultural encounters these screen fictions enable.

Here are a list of the project’s achievements:

Perhaps more significantly, the MeCETES project has brought together researchers, media industry professionals, policymakers and audiences from across Europe to discuss the European film and television industries. At a time of rising nationalism and social divisions, these unmediated cultural encounters have been more important than ever in terms of promoting mutual understanding, collaboration and unity in Europe.

The MeCETES team will continue to produce more outputs using the data we collected over the next couple of years, but as our funding from HERA ended in October 2016, there will be no further research activity directly related to this project. The MeCETES website will stay live until 2020, to allow visitors to read about the project and team, find out about our outputs and events, and read articles from our blog.

If you wish to know more about the MeCETES project or this website, please contact our website editor:

Dr Huw D Jones (

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