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Danish Film Institute, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen K

Wednesday 9 September, 2015


EurofilmWhat are the contours of the new European film and television culture evolving through regional collaboration, EU support mechanisms and policies for a greater European market, globalization and the digital revolution? What are the main trends for production and creative, transnational cooperation, and how are the prospects of changing the fragmented European landscape of distribution and facing Hollywood or the big new online players? What changing patterns of audience behaviour and consumption do we see nationally and transnationally, and will Europe be able to act together in the new competitive digital film and television culture where place and space is beginning to change dramatically?

This one day conference brings together researchers from the Mediating Cultural Encounters Through European Screens (MeCETES) project, their academic and industry partners, policy makers and key players from the film and media industry in Scandinavia and Europe. MeCETES has been working for two years on the contemporary tendencies in European film and television production, distribution and reception – including film- and media policies and the digital development. Results from this research project will serve as part of the input during this conference. However, the main aim is to establish a dialogue and exchange ideas on trends and challenges in the current European media culture and the best strategies for the coming years.

Digitalization and new platforms for viewing film and television has been strongly on the agenda for quite a long time, but even though we can now talk about a rather pervasive digital media culture that actually does influence production, distribution, financing and audience behaviour, the consequences of these changes are still unclear. EU is working on many levels with the development of a more integrated, single European digital market, but this initiative has created a heated debate in the film and television industry. The national, European and global aspects of the digital development is one of the most important challenges to meet in both policy and European cooperation.

Speakers and panellists:

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