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New publication: Midsomer Murders in Copenhagen – Eva Novrup Redvall

Dr Eva Novrup Redvall has published a new article on ‘Midsomer Murders in Copenhagen: the transnational production of Nordic Noir-influenced UK television drama’ in the journal New Review of Film and Television Studies.

The article comes out of the MeCETES project research into European television:

While the international interest in subtitled Scandi crime series, or ‘Nordic Noir’, is a phenomenon of the 2010s, UK detective series, such as the ‘comfy crime’ drama Midsomer Murders, have enjoyed international success for many years. Based on a qualitative case study of the production and reception of episode 100 of the series (‘The Killings of Copenhagen’), this article investigates why and how DCI Barnaby ended up in Denmark for what can be regarded as a ‘production service collaboration’ rather than a traditional co-production and whether we will see more transnational crime stories like these in the near future.

You can access the article via the New Review of Film and Television Studies website.

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