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Our methods include:

We will identify 5-7 case studies each of both films and television dramas rooted in one European nation, which have travelled successfully to other European markets. Each case study will have either originated in the UK, Belgium or Denmark, or had a significant impact on audiences in one of those markets. In order to facilitate comparative analysis, the case studies will be selected from one of three genres: contemporary drama, historical drama and the crime thriller. Case studies of television drama might include: The Killing and Borgen from Denmark; Downton Abbey, Lewis, and Wallender from the UK; and Witse, Van Vlees en Bloed and Smaak van de Keyser from Belgium. Film case studies might include: UK-originated productions such as The King’s Speech and In Bruges; the Danish period film A Royal Affair; the Belgian contemporary drama Le Gamin au Vélo; and the various versions of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Each of the three research teams at York, Copenhagen and Brussels will have specific work packages, themes and focuses, but will also collaborate closely with the other teams. The York team will take responsibility for gathering film data and coordinating the film case studies. The Copenhagen team will take responsibility for gathering television data and coordinating the television drama case studies. The Brussels team will take responsibility for the analysis of cultural and media policy and for the development of new policy recommendations. Each of the teams will facilitate interviews with industry figures and creative workers, access to national data, and the development of audience focus groups within their own countries.


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