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New publication: Transnational Europe – Ib Bondebjerg
palcomms201634-f1 Professor Ib Bondebjerg has published a new article on ‘Transnational Europe: TV-drama, co-production networks and mediated cultural encounters’ in the journal Palgrave Communications. The article, which is available free via open access, comes out of the MeCETES project research into European television: Exploring the structural changes in the production and distribution of European TV-drama since 2000, this article explores the creative potential of European co-production networks to produce popular and often nationally ...
Downton Abbey – the UK-series that conquered the world
Downton-Abbey-season-2-downton-abbey-29116399-1600-900-1024x576 As Downton Abbey ends after six years, Ib Bondebjerg explores what made the British ‘heritage soap’ a global TV sensation. We all learned in school that there once was a British empire in which the sun never set. We also know that since losing their empire, the Brits have tried to reclaim it – often in co-production with US partners – by conquering the world market for film and television. Six seasons ...
MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop
ostend workshop Members of the MeCETES Team, Academic Board and Associate Partners met in Oostende, Belgium, on March 17, 2014, for the MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop. The workshop, organised to coincide with the Oostende Film Festival, concludes the first year of the MeCETES project. Members of the MeCETES Team, Advisory Board and Non-academic Partners meet in Oostende for the MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop The workshop gave the three partner institutions the chance to discuss their ...
MeCETES Team Meeting, University of Copenhagen
(Photo: MeCETES Team Meeting, University of Copenhagen, March 14, 2014) The MeCETES team held their second full project meeting at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 14, 2014. (Photo: MeCETES Team Meeting, University of Copenhagen, March 14, 2014) The full-day meeting gave the Brussels, Copenhagen and York teams a chance to discuss progress, present initial findings, and plan our forthcoming activities, including our end-of-year workshop in September 2014.
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