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1864: New Danish Historical Drama Spurs Heated Public Debate.
1864 This Sunday Danish public service station DR broadcast the first of eight episodes of 1864, the most expensive drama production in Danish television history so far. Ib Bondebjerg reports on the production, reception and debate of the series. When DR launched the first episode of 1864 it immediately was a success with the viewers.
Denmark Passes New Media Policy Agreement
Borgen. DR1/17:02:13/ 20:00|Photo: Mike Kollöffel|Copyright:
Type 1|Photo ID: 74813721 In June 2014, Danish lawmakers passed a new media policy agreement for the period 2015 to 2018. Henrik Søndergaard reports on the content of the new agreement and what it means for Danish public service media. This summer Denmark has witnessed a long and unusually hard public debate about the size and scope of its public service media.
Latest Scandi Drama Mammon Premiers on More4
Norwegian thriller Mammon gets its UK premier on 4More As Norwegian thriller Mammon gets its UK premiere on More4 this Friday, Eva Novrup Redvall looks at how subtitled Scandinavian drama is branching out beyond the BBC. BBC4’s 9pm Saturday night slot has been the successful home of a streak of Scandinavian drama series, including Wallander, The Killing (Forbrydelsen), Borgen and The Bridge (Bron).
Report Highlights Changing Patterns in Nordic TV Viewing
House of Cards. The second seasons of the Netflix show has gained significant Danish press attention. Audiences in Denmark are watching more TV shows online, according to a new report by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). Eva Novrup Redvall investigates. Streaming has become mainstream in Denmark. That is one of the main conclusions of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s (DR) 2013 annual report on developments in the media landscape, which was published this month. Even though DR’s latest high-end TV drama series
Eva Novrup Redvall on BBC Media Show
Eva Novrup Redvall Dr Eva Novrup Redvall appeared on BBC Radio 4′s Media Show to discuss the UK success of Danish television dramas The Killing and Borgen. (Borgen. Photo: Mike Kollöffel|Copyright:DR Type 1|Photo ID: 74813721) Eva, author of a new book Writing and Producing Television Drama in Denmark, has spent time observing the writers’ room for Borgen.
New Book on Danish TV Drama
TV Drama in Denmark Eva Novrup Redvall’s new book Writing and Producing Television Drama in Denmark: From The Kingdom to The Killing has now been published by Palgrave Macmillan. The book, the second title in the new Palgrave Studies in Screening book series, offers unique insights into the production culture at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), home to the acclaimed dramas The Killing and Borgen. Drawing on interviews with writers and producers, Eva examines ...