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Women’s Films Held Back in Europe by Lower Production and Distribution Support
FEMALE-DIRECTORS-large640 On International Women’s Day, Huw D Jones looks at the data for films directed by women in Europe and argues limited access to production funding and distribution support is holding back the market for female directed European films. Less than one in five (17%) films produced in Europe are solely directed by women (fig.1), according to data taken from the European Audiovisual Observatory’s LUMIERE Pro World database and analysed ...
The Cultural Politics of European Cinema
Directors Agnieszka Holland and Wim Wenders stand on stage during the 28th European Film Award ceremony in Berlin on December 12, 2015. MeCETES Project Leader Andrew Higson reflects on the cultural politics of contemporary European cinema in 2015 and argues that current policy measures to support culturally diverse cinema are failing. Film in 2015 remains a pre-eminent form of entertainment, but it also speaks to us, often metaphorically, about the world in which we live, our anxieties and ambitions, what it is to be human and how we (might) engage with others. Directors ...
China or Europe – Where Next for UK Co-Productions?
cameron-china-2__131202164202 As the first UK/China film co-production is announced, Huw D Jones argues Britain shouldn’t neglect its established ties with Europe. To coincide with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s official state visit to the UK this week, Britain’s first film co-production with China was announced at a ‘creative showcase’ event in London. Earth: One Amazing Day (working title) is the sequel to Earth (2007), the second highest grossing nature documentary ...
MEPs Discuss Making European Films
A royal affair MEPs met at the European Parliament to discuss the challenges and potential of European film and television. Tim Raats reports from the workshop. On Tuesday November 18th, the Creativity Works! coalition, in collaboration with the European People’s Party (EPP), the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, hosted a workshop at the European Parliament in Brussels dedicated to ...
New Narrative for Europe book published
José Manuel Barroso Culture has long been on the European agenda. Yet ideas of ‘European culture’ have either been too abstract or faced opposition from nation-states. Ib Bondebjerg reports on New Narrative for Europe – the latest attempt to define a common European culture. ‘Europe is a state of mind’, ‘the mind and body of Europe’ and ‘Narrative for Europe’ are not phrases you normally think of in connection with the European Commission and ...
Industry Gather to Discuss European Film and TV Drama
Panelists discuss writing for European TV audiences. Media industry players gathered in Ostend for the ‘Making Film and Television Drama’ conference on September 18, 2014. Huw Jones reports on the MeCETES-organised industry event. With additional input from Roderik Smits. European film and television dramas need characters audiences can identify with if they are to travel, former Head of DR Fiction, Ingolf Gabold, told an international gathering of media industry professionals in Ostend, Belgium. Speaking at the