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What makes European films travel?
European box office by market share The question of what makes European film travel is currently high of the agenda for industry professionals and policymakers. Huw D Jones argues the most successful European film exports tend to have elements audiences are already culturally familiar with. At the Cannes Film Festival next month, industry figures are meeting to discuss what makes European films travel.
Conference Report: New Directions in Film and TV Production Studies
ChasEPwatershed4/6/2002- Huw Jones reports on the New Directions in Film and Television Production Studies, at the Watershed, Bristol, April 14-15, 2015 Production studies is a particularly a ‘hot’ topic for film and media scholars at the moment – or at least it seems that way, as over 100 academics from across the UK, Europe and as far afield as Australia, US and the Caribbean crammed into the Watershed in Bristol for the ...
Tax Incentives Boost European AV Sector
Eddard_promo Ilse Schooneknaep reports on the initial findings of a new study into impact of tax incentives on the European audiovisual sector. The initial findings of a new report on tax incentives and their impact on film and audiovisual production in Europe were presented at a public conference in Brussels on October 20, 2014. Conducted by the media consultancy firm Olsberg SPI on behalf of the European Audiovisual Observatory, ...
Europe Urged to Form a Digital Single Market
EYCS press conference 3 At its meeting in Brussels on 25 November, the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council adopted conclusions on European audiovisual policy in the digital era. Huw Jones reports. Creating a ‘digital single market’ should be among the top priorities of the new European Commission, a meeting of EU Culture Ministers in Brussels concluded yesterday (Nov 25, 2014). The Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council, chaired by Italy’s Dario Franceschini, identified the ...
The Circulation of European Films
Graph Almost 1 billion cinema tickets are sold in the EU each year. Yet only 10% of these are for films from other European countries, reports Huw D Jones. Each year, Britain exports about €164 billion worth of goods and services to the rest of the European Union, including €57 billion in machinery and transport equipment, €37 billion in manufactured goods and €29 billion in energy products.
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