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Mubi’s Expanding Film Business
mubi logo How has Mubi’s SVOD platform developed in recent years, and how do they differentiate themselves from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and locally-oriented specialist platforms? Roderik Smits discusses Mubi’s business model and explains why they are now trying to break in to the distribution business. Promoting film culture Mubi started in 2007 as an information-sharing platform which introduced quality auteur films to an online audience of cinephiles.
New Publication: Dutch Distributors in the Film Distribution Business – Roderik Smits
poetics Roderik Smits has published a new article on Dutch distributors in the film distribution business for the journal Poetics. Here is the abstract: Gatekeeping studies in the cultural industries increasingly draw attention to transnational networks, revealing that decision-making is decentralised through gatekeepers operating from different levels in the marketplace. This brings into focus a new line of enquiry revolving around the nature of such relationships.
Film distribution: Beyond traditional release strategies
in cinemas and on demand Distribution windows for films are evolving rapidly, challenging traditional release strategies. How are different types of films affected by such change? Roderik Smits considers the changes taking place within the UK theatrical market. The theatrical release window has for many years been talked up as the “engine that drives the ancillary sales”, giving films an afterlife on secondary windows or platforms, such as streaming services (through forms of online VOD releasing), ...
Stories not stars sell specialised films, BFI exit polls show
questionnaire Over the past decade the British Film Institute (BFI) has conducted over 170 cinema exit polls for the British independent and specialised films it supports. Huw D Jones analyses the data and asks what lessons are there for distributors. Understanding what makes audiences tick is a key concern for the film business. Knowing what motivates cinemagoers to watch a particular movie can help distributors improve the way they market their films.
The film distribution business: What’s changing?
curzononamazon600x470 With the rapid rise of the on-line video market, arrangements between sales agents, distributors, content aggregators and digital providers are changing dramatically, writes Roderik Smits. The field of film distribution has historically been reshaped by technological change. In particular, the rapid development of the satellite and cable television market and the home video market in the 1980s had a dramatic effect on the business in terms of financing, production and distribution ...
New Directions in the Marketing of Bulgarian Popular Cinema
mission london Bulgarian comedy Mission London was a hit in its homeland. Maya Nedyalkova examines how Hollywood-style marketing contributed to its success and what this says about wider trends in European film promotion and distribution. The film industry in Bulgaria has experienced unprecedented ups and downs in recent years. While in 1972 approximately 3 million people attended the screenings of the most popular Bulgarian film to date, Metodi Andonov’s ...
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