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From movies to games: how film policy is changing
crazymonkey Following on from the European Screens Conference, MeCETES has invited speakers to write a blog about their conference paper. Here, Gertjan Willems charts how film policy in Flanders is expanding into new areas like video games and app design. While the expansion of film industry activities film to other media has a long history, media convergence has intensified this trend in recent years.
The Circulation of European Films
Graph Almost 1 billion cinema tickets are sold in the EU each year. Yet only 10% of these are for films from other European countries, reports Huw D Jones. Each year, Britain exports about €164 billion worth of goods and services to the rest of the European Union, including €57 billion in machinery and transport equipment, €37 billion in manufactured goods and €29 billion in energy products.
CinEcoSA conference on Film and Television Policies
CinEcoSA conference on Film and Television Policies in English-speaking Countries, Université Paris 8, October 2013. Roderik Smits attended the CinEcoSA international conference on Film and Television Policies in English-speaking Countries on 25 October 2013. The conference had been organised at Université Paris 8, one of the main departments dedicated to Film Studies in France. CinEcoSA was created five years ago, with the aim to study Film and Television in English speaking countries from an economic and cultural ...
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