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New Publication: The Box Office Performance of European Films in the UK Market
Volver Huw D Jones has published a new article in Studies in European Cinema on ‘The Box Office Performance of European Films in the UK Market’. The article examines two key questions:(1) why is the UK market for European film so small; and (2) how do certain European films achieve ‘breakout’ success? The key findings of the research – which is based on statistical analysis of box office data and audience ...
Profiling Foreign Language Film Fans
YouGov's Profiler allows users to identify the quintessential fan for any brand, person or thing. Foreign-language film fans are generally youngish, well-educated, midde-class urban dwellers. However, a new app reveals not all conform to this profile. Huw Jones reports. Polling company YouGov have just released a new online app which is proving extremely useful to our research on the market for foreign language films in the UK. Table 1: Top 25 foreign-language films in UK box office 2002-13.
Huw Jones Speaks at Subtitling Event
why-you-shouldnt-avoid-subtitled-movies-header Huw Jones gave a paper on ‘The Market for Foreign Language Films in the UK’ at the Migrating Texts colloquia, Institute of Modern Languages Research, Senate House, London, on Friday 31 October, 2014. He was speaking as part of a session on role of subtitles in fostering intercultural awareness and promoting the learning of modern foreign languages in the UK. Huw explained in his paper, available here, ...
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