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Downton Abbey – the UK-series that conquered the world
Downton-Abbey-season-2-downton-abbey-29116399-1600-900-1024x576 As Downton Abbey ends after six years, Ib Bondebjerg explores what made the British ‘heritage soap’ a global TV sensation. We all learned in school that there once was a British empire in which the sun never set. We also know that since losing their empire, the Brits have tried to reclaim it – often in co-production with US partners – by conquering the world market for film and television. Six seasons ...
The almost nearly perfect Swedish-Danish co-production: The Bridge – Season 3: A Danish Perspective
Broen.klassisk In our second in a series of special articles on Season 3 of The Bridge (Bron/Broen), Ib Bondebjerg examines the Danish reception of the series and notes that, despite positive reviews, critical voices are emerging. Warning: this article contains spoilers. The sharp, observant reader may notice that part of the title of this blog is taken from Michael Booth’s The Almost Nearly Perfect People: The Truth About the Nordic Miracle (2014).
Call for papers – European Screens conference
tftv European Screens: An international conference Perspectives on European film, television and the audiovisual industries University of York, UK September 5-7, 2016 From films like Ida, The Kings Speech, Taken, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Intouchables and The Great Beauty, to television dramas like The Killing, The Returned, Generation War, Salamander and Downton Abbey, there seems to be a new vitality to the European audiovisual industries.
Interview with Ib Bondebjerg
Ib2 Professor Emeritus Ib Bondebjerg MeCETES Copenhagen team leader Professor Ib Bondebjerg gave an interview with the Nordisk Film & TV Fond on the MeCETES project. Ib Bondebjerg, who was recently made Professor Emeritus after a distinguished 45 year academic career, discussed the recent MeCETES conference ‘A New European Film & TV Culture: Trends and Challenges’ and offered a personal view ...
Conference Report: TV Series Now
TV seminar Ib Bondebjerg reports from Creative Europe Denmarks/DFI’s TV Series Now seminar at the Danish Film Institute, June 18, 2015. TV drama is often characterised as ‘the new black’, and certainly there is a strong creative industry focus on TV drama series in the contemporary European media culture. Drama series from US cable and online players have changed the television landscape, leading to a rise in quality, while Scandinavian and other European ...
New Book: European Cinema and Television: Cultural Policy and Everyday Life
European cinema and TV MeCETES team members have published a new book within the Palgrave European Film and Media Studies series. European Cinema and Television: Cultural Policy and Everyday Life offers comparative studies of the production, content, distribution and reception of fi lm and television drama in Europe. The collection, edited by Ib Bondebjerg, Eva Novrup Redvall and Andrew Higson,  brings together scholars from the humanities and social sciences to focus on how new ...
Copenhagen Team Debate European Cinema at Göteborg
Gotenberg The MeCETES Copenhagen team staged a discussion panel on European cinema as part of the Göteborg Film Festival on January 27, 2015. Participants included Marit Kapla, Head of Programming at Draken Film; directors Marta Dauliūtė and Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall (Crises Document: A Survival Guide) and Teodora Ana Mihai(Waiting for August). The panelists were joined by Copenhagen team leader Ib Bondebjerg, while Eva Novrup Redvall acted as panel moderator. Drawing on the findings of the ...
Denmark Passes New Film Agreement for 2015-18
melancholia Denmark recently signed a new four agreement for the film sector. Ib Bondebjerg reports. All political parties in Denmark have agreed that Danish film shall continue making good narratives of quality. But Danish film is economically under pressure… [We] therefore give DKK 70 million extra over the next 4 years. At the same time, we send a clear messsage to the film sector: you have to develop new business models to ...
1864: New Danish Historical Drama Spurs Heated Public Debate.
1864 This Sunday Danish public service station DR broadcast the first of eight episodes of 1864, the most expensive drama production in Danish television history so far. Ib Bondebjerg reports on the production, reception and debate of the series. When DR launched the first episode of 1864 it immediately was a success with the viewers.
MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop
ostend workshop Members of the MeCETES Team, Academic Board and Associate Partners met in Oostende, Belgium, on March 17, 2014, for the MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop. The workshop, organised to coincide with the Oostende Film Festival, concludes the first year of the MeCETES project. Members of the MeCETES Team, Advisory Board and Non-academic Partners meet in Oostende for the MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop The workshop gave the three partner institutions the chance to discuss their ...
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