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Why continental Europeans love Ken Loach (more than the British)
loach-europe-flag As Ken Loach’s latest film arrives in European cinemas, Huw D Jones examines why the veteran British director is more popular on the continent than in his own country. Last week saw the release of I, Daniel Blake, the latest film by veteran British director Ken Loach. Despite the intense publicity the film has attracted for its depiction of Britain’s benefits system, the Palme d’Or-winning drama is sure ...
New publication: Ken Loach’s UK/European co-productions – Huw D Jones
Looking for Eric Dr Huw D Jones has published a new article on ‘UK/European Co-productions: The Case of Ken Loach’ in the Journal of British Cinema and Television. The article comes out of the MeCETES project research into European film: Ken Loach stands out as one of the few British directors whose films are regularly co-produced with European partners. Of the nineteen films he has directed since 1990, fourteen have been UK/continental European co-productions.
China or Europe – Where Next for UK Co-Productions?
cameron-china-2__131202164202 As the first UK/China film co-production is announced, Huw D Jones argues Britain shouldn’t neglect its established ties with Europe. To coincide with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s official state visit to the UK this week, Britain’s first film co-production with China was announced at a ‘creative showcase’ event in London. Earth: One Amazing Day (working title) is the sequel to Earth (2007), the second highest grossing nature documentary ...
MeCETES at the SCMS 2015 Conference Montreal
montreat2015-e1426619944728 The MeCETES team presented at this year’s Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their panel, entitled ‘United in Diversity?’, presented case-studies of current European strategies for targeting transnational film and television audiences. Ilse Schooneknaep (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) examined how policymakers are responding to the digital audio-visual market, focusing on the debate surrounding the European Union’s proposed Digital Single Market, which aims to boost the ...
Report Highlights Benefits of Day-and-date Releases
00274ba4_medium European cinema-owners are resistant to day-and-date releasing. Yet a new report suggests simultaneous VOD distribution may make certain films more accessible to the public. Huw Jones reports. Ken Loach films are often a big draw for European cinemagoers. But when the veteran British director released his latest documentary, The Spirit of ’45, in September 2013, audiences in Italy and Spain didn’t even have to leave their sofas to catch ...
Coming of Age in Realist Cinema: The Case of Barry Hines
Barry Hines From Ken Loach’s Kes (1969) to Clio Bernard’s The Selfish Giant (2013), British cinema has often examined the lives of young people growing up in poetic yet often brutal environments. David Forrest argues this has much to do with the unsung influence of Yorkshire screenwriter Barry Hines. Mark Cousins’ recent documentary A Story of Children on Film (2014) contained a particular line of praise which stayed with me: ‘[…] ...
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