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Why Brexit is bad news for British film exports
The King's Speech German The UK is likely to lose millions in funding from the EU’s MEDIA programme because of Brexit. Huw D Jones examines what this means for British film exports. Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) in last June’s referendum has provoked a particularly strong outcry amongst UK film professionals. A survey run by industry analyst Stephen Follows, for example, found that 82% were against Brexit, while only 5% were in ...
MEDIA’s impact on European cinema
media-logo Since 1992 the MEDIA programme has been the EU’s signature initative in support of European cinema. Now that MEDIA has been merged into the new Creative Europe programme, Mariana Liz looks back on its aspirations and achievements. After the European Commmission (EC) announced plans to end the MEDIA programme in 2014, over 300 filmmakers from all over Europe, including Wim Wenders, Catherine Breillat and Fatih Akin, signed a letter asking the ...
Ilse Schooneknaep Visiting University of York
Ilse Ilse Schooneknaep is visiting the University of York this month as part of her PhD research on EU audiovisual policy in the digital era. She will be working with her MeCETES colleague Huw Jones on a journal article about the impact of the EU’s MEDIA funding on the performance of European films in UK cinemas. The pair are planning to interview policymakers, distributors and exhibitors for the project. Ilse will also be giving ...
MeCETES at ECREA 2014 in Lisbon
ECREA The Copenhagen and Brussels teams presented their latest research findings at the 2014 ECREA Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, November 12-15, 2014. Eva Novrup Redvall presented a paper, co-written with Ib Bondebjerg, on Nordic Noir influences on the British detective drama Midsomer Murders. Her paper, part of the ‘New Perspectives on TV drama series’ panel, focused on special 100th anniversary episode “The Killings of Copenhagen”, broadcast earlier this year, exploring ...
New Narrative for Europe book published
José Manuel Barroso Culture has long been on the European agenda. Yet ideas of ‘European culture’ have either been too abstract or faced opposition from nation-states. Ib Bondebjerg reports on New Narrative for Europe – the latest attempt to define a common European culture. ‘Europe is a state of mind’, ‘the mind and body of Europe’ and ‘Narrative for Europe’ are not phrases you normally think of in connection with the European Commission and ...
MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop
ostend workshop Members of the MeCETES Team, Academic Board and Associate Partners met in Oostende, Belgium, on March 17, 2014, for the MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop. The workshop, organised to coincide with the Oostende Film Festival, concludes the first year of the MeCETES project. Members of the MeCETES Team, Advisory Board and Non-academic Partners meet in Oostende for the MeCETES End-of-Year Workshop The workshop gave the three partner institutions the chance to discuss their ...
EU Survey Finds Low Interest in European Film
Image: Sailko. CC-PD-Mark, Cinemas in Florence, GFDL. A landmark report on Current and Future Audiovisual Audiences provides the most comprehensive picture yet of European film habits and preferences, yet raises questions about the circulation of European films, reports Huw D Jones. Only 14% of Europeans regularly watch films from other European countries, according to a new EU report on audience behaviour.
The Circulation of European Films
Graph Almost 1 billion cinema tickets are sold in the EU each year. Yet only 10% of these are for films from other European countries, reports Huw D Jones. Each year, Britain exports about €164 billion worth of goods and services to the rest of the European Union, including €57 billion in machinery and transport equipment, €37 billion in manufactured goods and €29 billion in energy products.
Foreign Language European Films in UK Cinemas
French comedy drama Untouchables was a hit across Europe in 2012, except in the UK. Subtitled dramas like The Killing and The Bridge have become a regular feature of British TV schedules  over recent years. Yet UK cinema admissions for foreign language European films remain low. Huw D Jones explores this paradox. Last Saturday over 1 million Britons tuned-in to watch the Italian detective series Inspector De Luca, the latest foreign language import to be shown in BBC Four’s Saturday evening drama ...
MeCETES Team Meeting, University of Copenhagen
(Photo: MeCETES Team Meeting, University of Copenhagen, March 14, 2014) The MeCETES team held their second full project meeting at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 14, 2014. (Photo: MeCETES Team Meeting, University of Copenhagen, March 14, 2014) The full-day meeting gave the Brussels, Copenhagen and York teams a chance to discuss progress, present initial findings, and plan our forthcoming activities, including our end-of-year workshop in September 2014.
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