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New publication: Midsomer Murders in Copenhagen – Eva Novrup Redvall
mmcopenhagen28 Dr Eva Novrup Redvall has published a new article on ‘Midsomer Murders in Copenhagen: the transnational production of Nordic Noir-influenced UK television drama’ in the journal New Review of Film and Television Studies. The article comes out of the MeCETES project research into European television: While the international interest in subtitled Scandi crime series, or ‘Nordic Noir’, is a phenomenon of the 2010s, UK detective series, such as the ‘comfy crime’ drama ...
MeCETES at ECREA 2014 in Lisbon
ECREA The Copenhagen and Brussels teams presented their latest research findings at the 2014 ECREA Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, November 12-15, 2014. Eva Novrup Redvall presented a paper, co-written with Ib Bondebjerg, on Nordic Noir influences on the British detective drama Midsomer Murders. Her paper, part of the ‘New Perspectives on TV drama series’ panel, focused on special 100th anniversary episode “The Killings of Copenhagen”, broadcast earlier this year, exploring ...
Report Highlights Changing Patterns in Nordic TV Viewing
House of Cards. The second seasons of the Netflix show has gained significant Danish press attention. Audiences in Denmark are watching more TV shows online, according to a new report by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). Eva Novrup Redvall investigates. Streaming has become mainstream in Denmark. That is one of the main conclusions of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s (DR) 2013 annual report on developments in the media landscape, which was published this month. Even though DR’s latest high-end TV drama series