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Crime drama in Flanders: programming trends
Filip Peeters as police inspector Paul Gerardi in Salamander. Are European TV schedules dominated by US shows? Elise Favere examines the situation in Flanders, focusing on the example of crime series. The US dominance of the global trade in television programmes has long raised concerns in Europe about the ‘Americanisation’ of TV schedules. At the same time, drawing on theories of ‘cultural proximity’, many academics note that European audiences still tend to prefer local and national television programmes to American ...
New publication: Midsomer Murders in Copenhagen – Eva Novrup Redvall
mmcopenhagen28 Dr Eva Novrup Redvall has published a new article on ‘Midsomer Murders in Copenhagen: the transnational production of Nordic Noir-influenced UK television drama’ in the journal New Review of Film and Television Studies. The article comes out of the MeCETES project research into European television: While the international interest in subtitled Scandi crime series, or ‘Nordic Noir’, is a phenomenon of the 2010s, UK detective series, such as the ‘comfy crime’ drama ...
The Bridge – Season 3: Perspectives from the UK
bron-s3-rt01 In the last in our special series on the third season of The Bridge, Pei-Sze Chow reports that British enthusiasm for the hit Scandi crime drama shows no sign of abating. At the end of 2015, viewers in the UK were treated to a third season of the bilingual cross-border crime thriller, The Bridge. Showing no signs of dipping in popularity, the series has only grown as a cultural event in ...
The almost nearly perfect Swedish-Danish co-production: The Bridge – Season 3: A Danish Perspective
Broen.klassisk In our second in a series of special articles on Season 3 of The Bridge (Bron/Broen), Ib Bondebjerg examines the Danish reception of the series and notes that, despite positive reviews, critical voices are emerging. Warning: this article contains spoilers. The sharp, observant reader may notice that part of the title of this blog is taken from Michael Booth’s The Almost Nearly Perfect People: The Truth About the Nordic Miracle (2014).
The Bridge – Season 3: A Swedish Perspective
The character Linn Björklund, played by Maria Kulle, has prompted discussion in Sweden for speaking in a local dialect. In the first of a series of special articles to coincide with Season 3 of The Bridge (Bron/Broen), Olof Hedling discusses how the introduction of a new character has prompted a debate in Sweden about the use of local dialects in Nordic Noir. Season three of The Bridge (Bron/Broen 2011-) premiered in Sweden on September 27, the same day as in Denmark.
MeCETES team participate in TV from Small Nations seminar
Hinterland1Main MeCETES team members Eva Novrup Redvall (University of Copenhagen) and Tim Raats (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) participated in a research seminar hosted by the University of South Wales in Cardiff on November 16, 2015. The ‘Television from Small Nations’ network is a multidisciplinary international research network that addresses specific challenges and opportunities facing broadcasters and producers in small markets.
Conference Report: TV Series Now
TV seminar Ib Bondebjerg reports from Creative Europe Denmarks/DFI’s TV Series Now seminar at the Danish Film Institute, June 18, 2015. TV drama is often characterised as ‘the new black’, and certainly there is a strong creative industry focus on TV drama series in the contemporary European media culture. Drama series from US cable and online players have changed the television landscape, leading to a rise in quality, while Scandinavian and other European ...
Conference Report: The Future of TV Drama
Copenhagen Future TV conference The future of television – and particularly of TV drama – was widely on the Danish industry agenda in June with the Copenhagen Future TV Conference and an international seminar on producing, selling, programming and remaking TV series. Eva Novrup Redvall reports. How do you best ‘work the windows’ in a changing television landscape? Are we seeing a move from Nordic Noir towards a more environmentally focused ’Nordic Green’ kind of ...
European Nordic Noir: Fortitude and The Team
Fortitude The crime series Fortitude and The Team point to a new faith in European cultural encounters and multilingual productions within television crime fiction, writes Eva Novrup Redvall. The recent interest in subtitled series among certain UK audiences and the popularity of Nordic Noir content such as Forbrydelsen/The Killing and Bron/The Bridge seems to have led to a new faith in European cultural encounters and multilingual productions within television crime fiction. In the ...
Danish TV Industry Urged to ‘Embrace Change’
TV festival 2014 c The annual TV festival in Denmark had sessions on ‘the sinking flagships’ and how to survive ‘the TV apocalypse’, but the overall headline for the event was how to ‘embrace change’. Eva Novrup Redvall reports. As argued by production studies scholars such as John Thornton Caldwell one can learn a lot from studying industry’s ‘deep texts’ and from observing how practitioners discuss their work lives and ...
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