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The Bridge 3 Will Be ‘More Danish’, Says Copenhagen Film Fund
The Bridge With the third season of the The Bridge about to go into production, Pei-sze Chow examines how a new funding deal may affect the uniquely cross-border character of the Danish-Swedish series. The CEO of the Copenhagen Film Fund (CFF), Thomas Gammeltoft, announced last week that the third season of the crime thriller series Bron/Broen (The Bridge), scheduled for late 2015, will be “more Danish” than before.
Re-imagining the Øresund Region: The Bridge (2011-2013)
Map_of_Öresund_between_Denmark_and_Sweden The Danish-Swedish crime drama The Bridge is the first major screen production to place the transnational Øresund region centrestage. Pei-sze Chow examines how the newly-constructed region has been represented on film and television, and highlights how a sense of an ‘Øresund community’ is mediated through language and subtitling in The Bridge. Scandinavian crime thriller The Bridge has been been an international hit.
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