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The Racial Politics of Nordic Noir
Consuming Race Exploring the appeal of the Nordic countries to contemporary British audiences, Ben Pitcher, author of Consuming Race (Routledge, 2014), considers the racial politics of Nordic culture. From cafes and coffee shops to design and leisure, there’s clearly something of a fashion for Nordic culture in contemporary Britain. And from Michael Booth’s travelogue to Channel 4’s three-part documentary series Scandimania, ...
Latest Scandi Drama Mammon Premiers on More4
Norwegian thriller Mammon gets its UK premier on 4More As Norwegian thriller Mammon gets its UK premiere on More4 this Friday, Eva Novrup Redvall looks at how subtitled Scandinavian drama is branching out beyond the BBC. BBC4’s 9pm Saturday night slot has been the successful home of a streak of Scandinavian drama series, including Wallander, The Killing (Forbrydelsen), Borgen and The Bridge (Bron).
Flemish Crime Drama Salamander Hits UK Screens
Filip Peeters as police inspector Paul Gerardi in Salamander. Flemish crime drama Salamander was a hit in its native Belgium. But the initial audience reaction following its UK debut this month has been more mixed, according to Huw D Jones. Following the phenomenal success of Scandi crime dramas The Killing and The Bridge, BBC Four (UK) this month unveiled its latest foreign language import, Salamander. Filip Peeters as police inspector Paul Gerardi in Salamander. Set in Brussels, the 12-part thriller ...
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