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New MeCETES Publication: Transnational European Television Drama
We are very pleased to announce the publication of Transnational European Television Drama: Production, Genres and Audiences, the first monograph to come out of the three-year MeCETES project. This is the first in depth and comparative analysis of the bigger picture of European television drama in a transnational context across several European countries. Transnational European Television Drama:Production, Genres and Audiences The book deals with the role of television drama in Europe as enabler of ...
Special issue on Danish TV drama
o-THE-KILLING-facebook The latest volume of the Danish cinema journal Kosmorama a features a special issue on Danish TV drama with contributions from the MeCETES Copenhagen team. Eva Novrup Redvall edits the special issue, together with Jakob Ion Wille and Lynge Stegger Gemzøe, while Signe Sophus Lai and Cecilie Astrupgaard contribute an article on Danish audiences. Other contributors include Jakob Isak Nielsen, Anne Marit Waade and Jakob Ion Wille, Iben Albinus Sabroe, Audun Engelstad ...
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