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Tim Raats at Oxford Media Convention

Tim Raats in panel on the future of European television production at Oxford Media Convention

On Wednesday 2nd of March, Tim Raats joined a panel on the future of original production in the Digital Single Market at the Oxford Media Convention. This conference, hosted by the left-leaning think tank IPPR attracted over 300 professionals.

Secretary of State John Whittingdale, Rona Fairhead (chair of the BBC Trust) and Sir David Clementi (author of the independent review on BBC governance) presented their views about the forthcoming BBC Charter renewal. Plenary discussions took place on the BBC governance structure and accountability, as well as the future role of the BBC Trust. The discussion also covered the question of BBC’s distinctiveness, and how it should be defined, as well as the potential privatization of Channel 4.

The afternoon session on the Digital Single market hosted a panel with Jeremy Oliver (head of internet policy at Ofcom), John McVay (head of Producers’ association PACT) and Dr. Tim Raats. Oliver questioned the necessity of production quota in the upcoming AVMS review, while McVay pointed to the continued importance of the principle of origin. Tim highlighted the potential loss of a Brexit for UK local film producers, and the importance of a shifted focus from production to distribution support in the policies of small member states.

Other speakers and panelists included media scholars and analysts Patrick Barwise, Jean Seaton, Damian Tambini and David Elstein, and media professionals James Head (head of policy BBC), Hellen Burrows (head of policy BT Group), David Mahoney (director of policy, Ofcom)

More information on the Oxford media convention can be found here.

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